Letter  of  Support
for the
Moses Steele Cemetery Project
Letter of Support
for the
Moses Steele Cemetery Project
Joann Jackson
6969 Arno-Allisona Rd
College Grove, Tennessee  37046
Phone; 615-368-7759
E-mail; JoJoJac54@cs.com

I _________________________________________________________as a

descendant of _________________________________________________________

give my moral support and approval to Joann Jackson and her associates Wayne  Henson

And Kenny Anderson Sr. for their endeavors on the restoration, preservation and perpetual

care of the Moses Steele Cemetery on Flat Creek Rd , College Grove,  Williamson County,


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           Last          ___________________________
           Address    ___________________________
           City           ___________________________
           Phone       ___________________________
           FAX          ___________________________
           E-mail       ___________________________

We would like to form a Moses Steele Cemetery Association. If an association is formed, would you be interested in becoming a member to participate in decisions either personally or by proxy? 

Yes____________________ No _______________________

Would you be interested in receiving a Newsletter  regarding the progress of the restoration of the Moses Steele Cemetery?         Yes __________  No ___________-

Joann (Anglin) Jackson       4th Great-Grand-Daughter of Laban Hartley
Wayne Henson                     4th Great-Grand-son  of Laban Hartley
Kenny Anderson Sr.             3rd Great-Grand-Son of Laban Hartley and Bennett Hargrove

Click here to download the Letter of Support
      We need your support as a descendant or a concerned citizen of those that are layed to rest in the Moses Steele Cemetery so that the cemetery will never again revert back to the condition that it was in, disgraced and abandoned on priviate property that the land owners did not care about, letting their live stock and wild life trample and push over the old and brittle headstones .
If you would find it in your hearts to download the letter of support, sign it and mail it to Joann Jackson, we will do everything in our power to see that this will never happen again.
                                                                                 Signed :   Kenny Anderson Sr.
                                                                                 (3rd Great-Grand-Son of Laban Hartley and Bennett Hargrove)